About Connect 2 Learn Blog

The premise of this blog is very simple:

“Educators and students wander here to inspire connective paths in learning.  We connect together to share this blog of collaborative projects, prompts, and lessons. Together, we guide students to become makers, wordsmiths, and problem-solvers.”

The hope is for middle school educators / librarians to own this blog. These facilitators will consider their situation’s expectations and standards to create prompts that others will be able to do, connect, and/or collaborate on. Each of us has our situation; this blog will be the connection to which students can comment to share and connect.

Please use the Contact page to request facilitator status to connect our middle school classes.

Whether we incorporate prompts from Digital.Is, CLMOOC Make Bank, or our own prompts, this blog will be the hub for our connected classrooms. Students can find prompts, then respond on their own Kidblog, Edublog, Wiki, Google docs and link back to their work through a comment in the original prompt post.  Students can connect and collaborate, and again link back to their work in a comment.

Look around the site — in categories or tags of interest to you. Search the site. If nothing is here on your passion, submit a post about it so others can connect with you. See Guest Post below.  If you do find a project or interest, write a comment on that post so the author can respond.

If you authored a post, be sure to subscribe to your comment feed to receive comments and make connections.

If you are a student in elementary or middle school, work with your teacher or parent to connect and participate here. Your teacher or parent will make the connections to blog authors or in the comments.

Use the Contact page to send your questions, requests, posts.

This blog is a place to share the process and product of middle school educators and students connecting together about their passions, and creating and making together. Educators, librarians, writers, students and parents are all welcome to be part of the discussion. Facilitators will fill the blog with possible prompts, and request connections for a specific time period. Guest bloggers will share the wonders, struggles, and strategies of their connections and creations.

You may share any of your thinking about and experiences with connecting to learn, lesson plans you’ve loved or how you got started, strategies for  connecting, collaborating, deciding, refining, designing, solving–anything at all about the process and product of connected learning. No minimum or maximum word count.

Please think in terms of these Thinking Frames:


Guest Blogger Guidelines for the Connect 2 Learn Blog

Contribute Your Genius

The Guest Post
When ready with your idea or post, send your post to one of our facilitators …

You may choose to send several posts to explain an ongoing project. If needed, I can add you as a temporary user during your project timeline.

Use the Contact page to send your questions, requests, posts.

Or, you can send it directly in an email or attach a .txt file to

If you wish, send along any Creative Commons licensed photo or clip art with source cited or a link to a photo you would like to use. (I will add photos myself if you trust me.)

Bio  (Only If this is your first time on the Connect 2 Learn Blog)
Be sure to include a sentence about each member of your connection to explain who you are. Include URLs of your own websites or Twitter handle. Be sure to tag your posts with the #c2l tag.

Subscribe & Share
Finally, please consider subscribing to the blog, so you can see when new Connect 2 Learn posts arrive! If you know of others who you think would be good contributors, please tell us about each other.

Thank you!
A sincere thank you for contributing to this blog. I love teaching writing and connected learning, and I wanted to share that love with the world and also learn more about strategies and tips to help kids develop into writers and creators too. Your contribution helps us all learn and appreciate the art and craft of connected learning and writing.

Sheri Edwards


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